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Which of our Community Partners could help you with your needs, projects, events, plans?

a. Richard Eisner, Pride Kitchens, (902) 275-5183, info@PrideKitchens.ca, www.PrideKitchens.ca 

b. Deb Smith, Chester Basin Petro Can, (902) 275-5388, ChesterBasinGasAndGrocery@hotmail.com

c. Sobey Sode, Riverview Meat Market, (902) 275-5401, Sobey@eastlink.ca

d. Ben Mills, Seaside Shanty Restaurant, (902) 275-2246, TheSeasideShanty@gmail.com, www.TheSeasideShanty.com

e. Jeff Hogue, Jeff's Old Volks Home, (902) 273-2208, JeffsOldVolksHome@yahoo.ca, www.JeffsOldVolksHome.com 

f. Michael Wilcox, New Ross Credit Union, (902) 275-3509, nrinfo@NewRossCreditUnion.ca, www.NewRossCreditUnion.ca

g. Roger Morrison, Barmor Masonry Ltd., (902) 277-0665, BarmorMasonry@hotmail.com

h. Calvin Armstrong, Calvin's TV Sales & Service Ltd., (902) 275-4366, CalvinsTV@ns.aliantzinc.ca

i. Shannon Jermey, The Gold Nugget AFN, (902) 627-1265, GoldNuggetAFN@AcadiaBand.ca, www.AcadiaFirstNation.ca

j. Paul Rowe, RBH Business Solutions & Consulting Inc., (902) 980-0251, RBH.PaulR@gmail.com

k. Greg Myra, Myra Auto, (902) 277-2886, MyraAuto@outlook.com 

l. Kelly Myra, Adams Bottle Exchange, (902) 627-2958, MelissaMyra@BellAliant.net

m. Dr. Lisa Welland, Chester Basin Animal Hospital, (902) 275-3551, StaffCBAH@eastlink.ca, www.CBAH.ca

n. Heather Armstrong, South Shore Bagpiper, (902) 293-2051, SouthShorePiper@gmail.com

o. Adam Hatt, Ashcroft Custom Wood Products, (902) 275-7417, AshcroftWood@gmail.com

p. ​Aaron Kaizer, Kaizer's Service Centre, (902) 275-2544, Kaizers@eastlink.ca​

q. Linda Collicutt, Gold River Marina, (902) 275-1322, info@GoldRiverMarina.com, www.GoldRiverMarina.com

r. Jon Dimick, Skipper Hill Estates & Marina, (902) 499-7170, Webpage: www.SkipperHill.com 

​s. Amy Grapel, Art of Healing Wellness Centre, (902) 273-0405, ArtOfHealingNS@gmail.com, www.ArtOfHealing.net

t. Pastor Joe Green, Aenon Baptist Church, (902) 275-3024, JosephDanielGreen@yahoo.ca, AenonBaptistChurch.ca

u. Jim Muckle, BrainsInAction, (902) 980-2073, Jim.Muckle@icloud.com, www.BrainsInAction.net 

v. Kevin Knickle, KARS Automotive Specialists, (902) 634-8631, KARS@eastlink.ca

w. Chasity Mosher, Gold River Service Centre, (902) 267-2481, GoldRiverService@gmail.com

x. Chasity Mosher, GC Property Maintenance, (902) 275-0148, GCPropertyMain@gmail.com

y. Peter Reeves, Gold River Homes, (902) 275-8988, PReeves@eastlink.ca, www.GoldRiverHomes.ca  

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chester basin legion everett branch #88

The Chester Basin Legion invites you to become one of our Community Partners, AND to raise the profile of your business - at the same time!

We're offering two options to businesses based in the Chester Basin area:

Your business card or other material of your choice would be included in rotating pictures on the Home page of this web site (click here to see sample). Cost would be as follows:

a. Having a 1-business card space on our web site at a cost of $25 per 12-month period.

b. Having 2 business-card spaces on our web site at a cost of $40 per 12-month period. 

To Register or For More Information ...

Please contact Jim Muckle at (902) 275-3073 or jim.muckle@icloud.com.

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